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What are the campers stocked with?

We provide almost everything you will need to have a successful camping experience. We want you to just pack the bare minimum and we will take care of the rest.


What should I pack?

The bare minimum. Our goal is to make this is as simple as possible. Basically you need to bring:

  • Food

  • Drinks

  • Clothes

  • Toiletries (tooth brush, razors personal hygiene etc.)

  • Phone Chargers

  • Any extracurricular items…


Do you provide delivery and pickup service?

Yes we would love to deliver and pick up the camper for you! We want to make this the easiest camping experience you have ever had.

Our delivery/pick up service is set up within Florida. If you have a site outside of North East Florida and South East Georgia please message us and will see what we can do.

Delivery and pick up prices within 50 miles starts at $175 and is $3.75 per mile over 50 miles. Delivery and pick up times can vary depending on when the campground allows you to check in. Typically if the check-in is at 2pm then we require an hour to set you up, so you could arrive at 3pm. Also, pick-up times will vary but require an hour allotment prior to pick up time to pack up. For example, If the check out time is 1pm then we need you packed up by 12, so that we can finish packing up our gear.


Do I need to place a deposit for rental? What are my payment options?

We require 50% of the total cost of your trip to secure your reservation, minimum of $300. It is charged upon booking. You can call us by phone or view the availability calendar online to see what is available for your dates of choice. 

The balance due on your reservation is charged 10 days prior to your trip.

Any additional last minute incidentals or rentals add-on requests will be charged at the time of request if within 14 days of your departure.

What is the minimum number of nights needed per reservation?

We have a 2-night minimum.  Peak and holiday dates require a 3-night minimum.


Can I tow or use the hitch?

If renter plans on towing, you must verify towing vehicle with us before approval.

See camper details for weight of campers and if your vehicle can tow it.

If renter plans to tow with their own vehicle- insurance is required. 


Can I bring my pet?

All pets MUST be approved prior to departure 

  • There is a $75 flat fee for all pets per trip 

  • Pets are NEVER to be left inside the vehicle/trailer alone

  • Pets MUST be well behaved and potty trained

  • Pets are NOT allowed on the furniture (please bring a pet bed) If you need one provided, please ask :)

  • Pets need to clean and be free from fleas and ticks

  • If your rental is returned with damage, stains, odors or excessive pet hair additional charges may apply

  • A $300 fee will be added if the pet was not disclosed. Any excess fees will be deducted from security/damage deposit.

Do the RVs have TV/DVDs?

All our campers are equipped with TVs and DVD/ Blue-Ray players. We also supply a hand full of family friendly DVD’s but you are welcome to bring your own.  Please note that our TVs will require a generator for it to work or be plugged into the camp electrical hookups.


Do you offer additional gear to rent?

Upon completing your online reservation, there is a section to click on add-ons.

Some of these add-ons include but not limited to:

  • Adult Bikes $25 each. 2 available

  • Firewood bundle $12

  • Portable Campfire $25

  • Movie Projector with 100" screen $60

  • Outdoor Teak Table with 4 matching chairs $25

  • Charcoal Grill $15

  • Propane Grill $30

  • Blackstone Griddle $60

  • Outdoor Glamping Package $100 (large outdoor rug, 2 rattan chairs, accent table, decorative pillows, cozy throws, lanterns/candles and faux plants)


Are there restrictions on where I can go?

Yes.  We only allow use of our campers in the U.S. Also, please check with us on terms regarding taking our campers to large events. Our intent is for our campers to be used for family vacations.


How do I book my own campsite?

It is very important to plan ahead when you want to camp! The rule of thumb is to book six months in advance to be able to secure a campsite of choice. The premier campgrounds are booked 6 months in advance.

If you need more help to book your trip, please let us know.


What if I get into an accident or damage the camper (inside or out)?

Your safety is our #1 priority. Make sure to call 911 if anyone is hurt and pull off to side of the road as soon as possible if in a safe area.

Once you are in a safe place, and if no one is hurt- call the police for an official report.

Then document the accident or damage by taking pictures.

Call us immediately to notify us of damages and then please send your pictures.

If camper is safe to tow, you can continue on with your trip and we will take care of things when you return.

It is your responsibility to determine what is safe and what is not when you are out on the road.

Please make sure to read the additional information and terms in regards to your insurance coverage and fee for rental insurance.


Do we have to clean the camper upon return?

Not a deep clean that’s what our cleaning service is for.

Keep it simple. If you brought any dirt in the RV, please sweep it up.

If you spilled anything, please wipe it up.

Please remove all trash, food, ice and personal belongings.

If you travel with pets, please clean up behind your pets and remove any large amounts of pet hair, if you can.

Please remove bedding and any used linens and place them in plastic bag provided before leaving.

We charge a flat fee of $100 for a cleaning service with every camper rental.


Do you charge for dumping the gray and black tanks when I return?

Yes. There is a $50 charge to clean and sanitize the tanks.


How long will it take to get back my Security Deposit?

At most 7 days from your return, unless there are any concerns.

If any extra charges are due you will receive a detailed invoice.

If you have any questions on your billing or charges, please contact us.


How do I know if I damaged something or was it already that way?

During your departure we will do a thorough walk through with you. We have a checklist and will document any items that appear damaged or broken and encourage you to do a complete walkaround with us.  We want to be transparent with you for your own comfort and peace of mind.


Do you have a smoking policy?

All our campers have a NO SMOKING policy. The security deposit will be forfeited for any evidence of smoking within the camper. Burns, odors or ashes.

Cancellation Policy.

Reservation deposit (50% of full trip cost, minimum $300) $300 of which is non-refundable. 

If the reservation is canceled more than thirty (30) days prior to booking start date, a full refund minus $300.

If canceled less than thirty (30) days prior to booking start date, reservation deposit is not refunded and any additional payments are refunded 

If canceled less than seven (7) days prior to booking start date, No refund.

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