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This Is Our Story

We are a camper rental company specializing in luxury redesigned campers. We have always loved camping and going on new adventures. But we grew tired of the same old drab, gloomy, brown interior of most campers. So with the constant encouragment, motivation and support from our biggest fan, best friend and hero my father, we took our love of interior design and camping and started remodeling them back in 2015. With great success and demand we decided to take our passion into a full-time career. 

And that’s how White Sparrow Caravan Co. started. It was organically grown in Florida, and more and more family and friends wanted to experience the joy of camping in this unique style like we did, and we were happy to share our space to create lifelong memories. So we bought another camper and another, each has its own unique style and space. The process is a family affair with both of us doing our part to make each trailer a HOME.

We love watching families enjoy time and bond over memories and campfires that no picture can capture. We truly believe there is nothing better than relaxing and exploring God’s incredible landscape with the people you love the most. It truly does only get better and better. You can’t buy happiness, but you CAN rent a White Sparrow camper and create some happiness of your own. Welcome to our adventure.

Thank you, Dad. 

For your encouragement, love and always believing in us. We would not have taken the leap of faith without you. We love you!


In Loving Memory


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